Engagement Ring w/ Ariel + Patrick

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Name: Ariel Clay / Patrick Gerety
Occupation: Furniture / Film & TV
What is your sign?:  Gemini / Cancer
Where is your home town?: Sonoma, CA / Sherman Oaks, CA

Please share what the overall experience was like for you.
All we knew going in was that we wanted to make a ring together from a family heirloom stone, but we didn't know how comfortable and fun the process would be until our first meeting with Ashley. She immediately put any uncertainty at ease with her warm, relaxed, and professional demeanor. She made the whole experience so simple and enjoyable! She really listened to what we wanted and continually presented thoughtful options that we loved.

How is the ring? 
It is the best. 

What do you love about it? 
 The sparkle of the diamond setting and the color and size of the band. We wanted to contemporize Ariel's grandmother's setting, but keep the sense of classic elegance and delicate beauty - Ashley nailed it!

Did you have any concerns going into the process? 
In some ways you are putting a lot of trust into the designer, especially when handing over a family heirloom (Ariel's paternal grandmother's ring), so we were concerned about leaving the ring in good hands that we felt shared our values and aesthetic.

Ashley put us at ease - she really understood what we wanted, and always checked with us throughout the process about every little detail to make sure we were absolutely comfortable and happy with it and we are!

What was your favorite part of the experience?
When we started looking for designers we checked out all the usual hip jewelry designers in Brooklyn, but then Ariel's mom just happened to come across Ashley on Instagram and suggested we check her out. We were quickly won over not just by Ashley's work, but by her incredible good vibes, and were thrilled we found her. We wanted to have an experience making this ring together, so to work with a designer like Ashley allowed us to have a direct relationship with her, and to connect to the finished ring in a more personal way. We love looking at the ring now and knowing we were part of the experience of creating it. 

What drew you to A.M. Thorne?
Simple and extremely delicate aesthetic! The design in every piece is so minimal, thoughtful and well executed.